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About Us

Manisha Mehta, Sapphire Director
I am Manisha Mehta Sapphire Director in Oriflame. We offer you an excellent opportunity of oriflame to change your lifestyle by working from home. We offer you unlimited income opportunity which can change life of a student, working lady, housewife and also of male.

I am a pathologist by profession and student of Ruparel College . I was in search of an opportunity where I could take care of my two kids and make my own identity. I really wanted to be famous. I grabed opportunity of oriflame and it really changed my life. It made my life glamorous & I am financially independent. I have seen many people in my network changing their lives too.

I have achieved name, fame, money, status, cash awards , foreign trips, chance to be an excellent wife ,mom and business woman.

I started my career by recruiting my mom as my first consultant. she started her career at age of 50 and transformed her life & travelled Europe with daughter & grand daughter.

This is a business of generationThis is a business of generation.

Achivements :

  • Personal Identity.
  • Financial Independence.
  • Life transformation.
  • Big Income.
  • Foreign Trips.

Vision :

  • To change peoples life and fulfill their dreams.
  • To give this opportunity to maximum people.
  • To visit foreign destination thrice in year.
  • To have personal BMW.
  • To become diamond president Director.