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Why Become Oriflame Member ???

Join Oriflame & get a chance to earn an unlimited income!

Whether you are a housewife, a working man/woman, student or businessman, the opportunity of grabbing an Oriflame membership is open to all of you! Based on your decision of how much and when to work, joining an Oriflame membership can be fun. You get a chance to meet new people as well as chances to participate in exciting events and activities. As an Oriflame consultant you can benefit 20% discount on the entire product range!


  • Set up your own business

    You can set up your own business which can get you an opportunity to travel across globe every year. You not only earn an unlimited income but initially you also earn business points (BP) as a part of the Welcome Program. There are also Business Class offers every month for all the consultants on joining Oriflame.

  • Low investment business & big returns

    For becoming a member of Oriflame, there is no investment. You can be a member absolutely free and earn big returns.

    • Join as VIP customer

      Join as a VIP Customer and enjoy discount on MRP from company get products in home delivery and avail benefits of gift program every month from company.

      Join as a consultant by submitting your KYC and get all benefits as a VIP Customer apart from that you will be getting an opportunity to make your network and earn big money.

    • Training

      Once you are registered with Oriflame, you can take all training on the website of Oriflame. Being my team member, you will get all support from me in terms of training and online sessions through our Webinars conducted every week. For more details check the calendar of Webinar.

  • No need of experience

    For joining Oriflame, you need not have any past experience. Once you are a consultant you receive gifts when you share the Oriflame opportunities with others and you can start recruiting others in your team. Simple as that! You can recover your investment in just a couple of days.

  • You get trainings from company

    After joining Oriflame membership, you will be trained about how to prosper and grow your business. You will also get an opportunity to expand your network by meeting other Oriflame consultants and sharing their experiences in various events in various cities. You can become a Manager or Director with Oriflame!

  • You can utilize your free time & start up as part time and then make a full time

    You need not invest your complete time for becoming an Oriflame member. You can work as and when you want. You can utilize your free time to invest in this. Once you start getting the benefits, you can then turn it into a full time business of your own.

  • You are your own boss

    Since you work as per your convenience, you are your own boss. You are also trained by Oriflame and you can develop your career in Oriflame as a Manager by recruiting others in Oriflame. You can travel the world with Oriflame.

    With Oriflame, invest low and benefit great rewards. You can contact me for guidance or further queries. I will be happy to help you anytime. Call me on 9920149708 or 9920764919 or you can write me at or


Oriflame is a multinational company based at Stockholm, Sweden & now located in 63 countries. It has completed 17 years in India. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the market today, offering best natural products in competitive rates affordable for all. Oriflame has large range of personal care products. You can enjoy 20% discount on MRP after becoming consultants & also create big network & start earning big income.