Work from home business Ideas

How do I make extra money.??

How I earn 50000 in a month
How I earn 2 lakhs every  month
Can I travel out of India Every year?
Can I have my own car?
How can I buy my big house?
How can I sponsor my own marriage?
How can I send my children out of India for further studies?

Common thoughts in mind of all enthusiastic people
Be it a men or women..
All these things can be fulfilled if you have an wonderful opportunity in hand 
Women in job  always have to handle family,kids ,their studies and work pressure so moms are specially looking for work from home jobs.and many of them have really good experience so they want the try entrepreneurship and grow big so they are in search of such opportunities .
Housewives have their own challenges of looking after each and every responsibility but still enthusiastic  housewives are looking for part time jobs and opportunities to explore new things where they can make friends.break routine and learn while they earn and feel acknowledgement and satisfaction..
My story is exactly the same but I had some instincts of both categories of women.
Story of pathologist to a tutor and then an Entrepreneur and Business coach..
Dreams were always  big  
This transition was because I wanted to be a super mother not miss anything in upbringing of my daughters
So I left job of pathologist and became tutor and my dreams inspired me to join Oriflame and create a business by networking with all such women who were in search of such opportunities to earn,grow ,part time jobs . create own independence.
All those questions which I have written in starting can be fulfilled only by joining hands with us and start your own journey of Oriflame .